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Based out of Worcester, Massachusetts, Block McCloud has, according to Daniel Muessig, Elemental Magazine, ".. achieved cult-like international fame as one of the most brutal spitters alive. Now with the benefit of over a decade and a half in the game he is ready to claim the prizes he so rightfully deserves"

A veteran of New York City’s underground Hip-Hop scene, Block McCloud has recently emerged as the artist of choice both for his skills as a seasoned lyricist and for his ability to craft and sing choruses to embellish tracks featuring the likes of Jedi Mind Tricks, Vinnie Paz, RA The Rugged Man, Sean Price, Sick Jacken with many more in the queue. His previous release FOUR WALLS, Produced entirely by DJ Waxwork has become an Underground Classic and with Hip Hop Anthems like "End of Days" and "True Lies" alongside Vinnie Paz (12.9 Mil./1 Mil.Views)

he has solidified his position as an Underground Legend. Block McCloud has attained international acclaim releasing several successful independent singles and albums while remaining active as the engineer of choice for other indie artists such as Jean Grae and Immortal Technique. He has garnered a Cult-like following as a key member of the Jedi Mind Tricks lead supergroup Army of the Pharaohs along with spearheading his own musical collectives, SewaSide Squad and Brooklyn Academy. With The Book Of Ishmael, Block professes that his "soul" intent is to

"Open the collective 3rd eye of my followers and blur the line between Melody.. and Madness. This is my Opus of Dope-ness for the hopeless.A New Book for a New World Order. The Book Of Ishmael"


Photography / Brian Cummings Photography
Management / Fresh Jones : 508.860.3731 / Kevin Benson : 310.717.8602



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Disturbia Music Group Presents:

Book Of Ishmael: The Forward

Release date: July 26th, 2016

The Forward EP- Block teams up with his partner BLACASTAN (Army Of The Pharaohs) and KRUMBSNATCHA (Gang Starr) to bring you:

The Whistler, A tough as nails yet melodic depiction of what happens when you cross these Lyrical Mercenaries..The beat by MOGLI, an up and coming young producer from Spain, carries a Dark Whistle sample that gets entrenched in your subconscious immediately, bringing with it images of "Killers on a murderous tour" who will "visit your tomb then walk away whistling this tune"!

The Obelisk features Block and Blacastan doing what they do best, Overdosing you with with Lyrical Visuals of a Post Apocalyptic world run by who else but The Army of Pharaohs, their Super MC Collective, over a RZA type Banger produced by Delorian. When it comes to his signature "Deadly Medley" hooks, and prophetic "End of Days" verses, Block does not disappoint his cult of followers and fans.

A Double Video for both songs is scheduled to drop along with the EP on July 26th, 2016. This is Blocks Directorial Debut and the first of 3 EPs to be released from his upcoming highly anticipated Solo Full Length Album, The Book Of Ishmael. For Info and Booking contact:
Management: Fresh Jones / 508.860.3731/

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